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“Our fingerprints don’t fade from the lives we touch.” Judy Blume.
  • I. Kabala School for the Blind

    On our first surgical mission trip to Kabala in 2016, the organization made a commitment to adopt and support the school. Thanks to our amazing volunteers, we have been able to consistently honor that commitment through the provision of essential materials for the students and faculty (food, water, clothes, braille writing systems, school supplies, mattresses, repair broken beds, blankets). The students are so appreciative and want to thank all of you for making this possible. SLI remains grateful for the opportunity to serve.

    Since 2016, the organization and its volunteers have consistently at the end of every mission at the Kabala Hospital pay a visit to the students and make financial or material donations provided financial support. Our most recent donations to the students were in August 2022 and March 2023.

    August 2022 – Mattress and Bed Frame Repairs.

    During our routine end of mission visit to the School for the Blind in May 2022, we were taken on a conducted tour of the sleeping quarters of the students. The takeaway from the tour was that the sleeping fixtures were in dire need of upgrades and the organization pledged to improve the sleeping conditions of the students by replacing all their mattresses and repair the bed frames. Because of your generosity or our volunteers and donors, we were able to donate 100 mattresses, 100 blankets and repair all the broken beds at the School in August 2022.

    March 2023 – Personal Hygiene Products.

    The organization facilitated the donation of 1000 packs of personal hygiene products to the students in March 2023. The packs were customized for boys and girls that will suit their needs.


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