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April 2019 Mission Summary – Connaught and Police Hospitals

In October 2019 we will be returning to Sierra Leone for the second of the two scheduled missions for 2019, which will be conducted at the Kabala Government Hospital in thenorthern town of Kabala and Police Hospital in Freetown. The schedule mission will be from October 24th to November 8th.


During this mission, SLI intends to conduct surgeries and facilitate training of medical professionals in healthcare delivery services with a long-term focus on knowledge transfer that will subsequently improve healthcare delivery.

Summary descriptions of the activities we will undertake to achieve the above objectives are provided below:


  • Triage
  • Utilize the operating theatre of the Kabala Government Hospital and Police Hospital for all surgeries
  • Provide all surgical equipment, drugs, and supplies for use during mission
  • Donate medical supplies, medicines and equipment.


  • Conduct perioperative wound-care management training.
  • Conduct continuous teaching in the Pre-op, OR, and post op care.
  • Conduct anesthesia and pharmacology workshops.
  • Train local medical staffs to prevent and manage surgical site infections (SSI).


  • October 24th – Depart Washington Dulles Airport for Brussels
  • October 25th – Depart Brussels for Freetown
  • October 25th — Arrive in Freetown and spend night at Airport hotel
  • October 26th – Travel by bus to Kabala
  • October 27th – Triage day at Kabala Government Hospital
  • October 28th – November 1st — Surgeries at Kabala Government Hospital
  • November 2nd – Travel by Bus to Freetown/R&R day in Tokeh
  • November 3rd – Depart Freetown for Brussels(Kabala team)
  • November 4th – Triage at Police Hospital
  • November 5th to 8th Surgery and Training at Police Hospital


Our team of volunteers will consists of Surgeons, Nurses, CRNA’s, surgical techs, first assist, Physician assistant and logistics personnel.



Join us as we advocate for improved healthcare in Sierra Leone.