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Saving Lives Initiatives (SLI) will be returning to Sierra Leone in October 2023 to facilitate a surgical mission in collaboration with the Sierra Leone Ministry of Health and the management of the Princess Christian Maternity (PCMH) and the Connaught University Teaching hospitals in Freetown. This mission aims to provide free surgeries and critical medical services and introduce and facilitate training opportunities in advanced surgical and life-saving techniques for healthcare personnel at these hospitals.

Our team of 24 medical personnel from the United States is comprised of three experienced surgeons and medical professionals, practitioners with expertise in various surgical and medical disciplines. The primary focus of our mission will be on providing surgical and medical support for obstetrics and gynecology procedures, as well as for orthopedic and general surgical interventions.

We are particularly excited about our plan to introduce laparoscopic surgery techniques at PCMH. This innovative approach will not only enhance the quality of care provided to patients but also contribute to the professional development of resident medical staff.

Facilitating these missions is challenging both financially and logistically, and we look forward to the support of individuals like you in making this mission a success. We look forward to your partnership through your generous contributions to ensure that we continue to do what we do.
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